Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2010 Alley 'Oop spinning Fire Hoop and Poi

Matthew Poki McCorkle (Circus Conspiracy, Tribe.Net, YouTube) spins Fire poi in the foreground, while Alley 'Oop (,, YouTube) hoops with dual Fire hoops (large ones) in the background. I'm not sure who the third person is in the back left.

Thanks Nicole Farley (Pixie Hoops) for sharing this video on her new Facebook page (aka (PixieHoopDance).

From the Hoop Convergence 2010 Presenters page (slightly edited): Alley, a long time professional Hooper and Fire Dancer, has been working hard performing and touring with the Wonderbolt Circus, and helped develop their new show, "Tricksters", which toured summer 2009 (See below for video).

She teaches throughout Canada, and is, for the moment, based out of Vancouver, where her teachings are currently focused on afterschool and youth outreach programs...

So, with a life devoted to hooping, Alley is geared up and ready to share the lessons learned through circus life and self-employment, and is overwhelmingly excited to see the massive advancements in the greater hooping community.

Alley'Oop...spinning in circlesi (3/15/08 - 902 views)

Alley (YouTube) writes "A little bit of Hoopin' Music by Funky Dory."

Alley'Oop Fire Hoop and Poi (3/10/07 - 1,638 views)

Alley (YouTube) writes "Multiple LED Hoop act. Music by George Morgan and Bill Brennan."

Alley 'Oop (,, YouTube) - unknown photographer, 10/9/05, cropped version of (photo from

Alley 'Oop (,, YouTube) - unknown photographer, 10/29/06 (photo from

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