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2010 Day 2 - Waterfront Jam [Sat 5/22/10]

[Update Tue 6/8/10 - 3:09 pm ET] Added names, quotes, and some videos. Live blogging is fun, but it's fun to add background info too... Added Nick "TheHoopBoy" Matyas's video & info.

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Stephen Gant (Dr. Momentum - Chapel Hill, NC)

Hoop Convergence 2010 presenter bio - Malcolm started hooping in 2002 when he met a group of hoopers at a loft party in Brooklyn, NY, where he still lives and works. He had an immediate connection with both the hoop and his new friends, becoming a part of their hoop group, which soon became the first New York hoop troop Groove Hoops...

There is immense knowledge in our bodies that doesn’t require our conscious help to exist. I am referring to that magical wellspring of information that is within us all. Its how we don’t have to think about dividing our cells, or beating our heart. Often when we let our rational mind step out of the way, access to this inner knowing can be greatly enhanced.

I’ve heard it said that learning is manufacturing instinct. It’s taking an activity that feels unnatural and making it natural. In my class we will explore the benefits of both sides of this equation, the rational thinking side, and the letting go side, in relation to developing our own individual hoop movement vocabularies.

Stephen Gant (Dr. Momentum),

Malcolm Stuart in Hoop Demo #3 (5/6/09 - 4,589 views)
music: Buraka Som Sistema

"Noelle Powers Has Hooping Powers" [Hooping.org - 7/24/07] Noelle Powers is a 30-year-old professional movement artist, hoopdancer, hoopeducator and hoopcrafter in the Washington D.C. area who has been concentrating her efforts on spreading hoop love throughout the mid-Atlantic region...

So how did it all begin for Noelle? She said, "I hooped a bit as a child with the cheapo-whamo hoops of yore, and rediscovered the hoop-movement whilst living in Seattle a few years ago. I heard about a weekly hoop night organized by Ariel Meadow Stallings and Kara Spencer (now KaRa Maria), freaked out at the fantasy-come-true sound of it, went to the very next hoop night and instantly fell deeply in love. With the movement, joy-inducement and community it so easily grew too."

(9/21/09, 301 views)

Ember & Poki perform "The Crank" as part of the show Splice. Live music by DNumbers. Filmed in Oakland at the Prop Box Studio on July 5th 2009.

Erin Lipe (MySpace, HoopCity.ca, YouTube - Lafayette, LA)

Caroleena's Tribe.net - I embrace conscious evolution. The human is probably the only animal that knows its evolving.

I am learning all the time and I am willing to periodically embarrass myself in the process of taking on new challenges. I know that our ability to get better at stuff is directly proportional to our ability to tolerate embarrassment.

Caroleena shared an amazing Fire Poi routine on Monday's (5/24/10) Fire Night (56 photos).

(8/3/09 - 1,739 views)

A lovely practice session in the parking lot. I love how Erin does a chest roll as two cars drive by behind her!

Erin Lipe video featured at Hooping.org (7/28/08). Another great practice session...

I Freaking Love Hooping! (5/9/10 - 778 views)

The Hoop Boy writes "I can't stop. I want more." See comments at HoopCity.

Beth's MySpace - Other than being a mother to my cool kid, my main interest is Hoopdance. You can find out more about it at TheHoopPath@Tribe.Net.

Music (making it and listening to it), design and architecture, yoga (I think this is the fountain of youth, along with the occasional glass of red wine or mug of stout, some dark chocolate and good food grown in your own damn garden), raising my daughter, spending time with my sweet husband, and my community of friends.

Videos featured at Hooping.org (6/4/09), Isopop (11/6/09), Hooping.org (3/4/10).

Beth Lavinder in birthday hoop 2010 (4/4/10 - 930 views)

Awesome music and effects in this video! I'm in love... Been playing it over & over again.

Beth writes "Katherine Blackburne's manipulation of some recent footage taken near my 45th birthday. Love what she did to it."

HoopNectar bio - Erin is a local of Encinitas, CA.
Her favorite thing to do in her free time? Well, HoopDance of course! Erin enjoys practicing with the hoop at the beach, where a day can turn into a multi-playground of dance, swim, friends, and sun!...

Constantly realizing something new about herself through movement, Erin finds HoopDance to be her moving meditation. She is also fantastically crafty, and is a wizard at making something out of something else!

Erin has a slight obsession for exotic colorful yarn, for her crochet creations. She loves to read and drink tea in her jungle- like backyard. Erin also is a nectar-sweet barista at a local tea and coffee house called the Pannikin. She enjoys serving people delicious drinks and...mmmmm...fresh baked goods.

HoopDrum@Tribe.Net - After graduating college with a degree in Religious Studies, Julia was eager to explore the body and began her studies of yoga and movement. Julia built her first adult sized hoop seven years ago and has been developing her hoop dance, craft and teaching techniques for both children and adults ever since.

For her, hooping is a holistic practice for creative expression, meditation, fun, physical fitness, mental & emotional well-being and even community building.

Julia also combines her art and activism sharing the hoop locally and abroad. She has found in her travels to Mexico and Haiti that joy and smiles can transcend language, cultural and political boundaries.

(jaguarmaryone, 7/1/09 - 1,336 views)

Jaguar Mary X writes "Jewels shares some goddess love."

See comments on Jewels' video at HoopCity.ca

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