Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010 Day 3 - Fire Circle & Caroleena's Fire Poi [Sun 5/23/10]

[Updated Tue 6/8/10 4:38 am ET] Added link to a Fire Poi video by Caroleena (not from Hoop Convergence, from SPARKcon 2009)

For more pictures, see Facebook album, Picasa album, or Picasa slideshow (60 photos)

Fire circle (See Picasa slideshow for other 3 photos)

Caroleena (Tribe.net, YouTube, Raleigh, NC) performing Fire Poi in the following pictures on Sunday's Fire Night (Mon 5/24/10 12:06-12:10 am). These pictures are excerpts from a 56 photo sequence at Picasa slideshow.

Caroleena's Tribe.net - I believe that we should help each other, lift each other up, sing each other's praises and be kind. We need to be proactive with love and light. I think service is where it's at. It not only improves other's lives, it improves the life of the server.

Caroleena (Circles of Joy - Fire & Light Performances, Custom Hoops and Poi, Classes and Instructor Trainings)

Caroleena spinning poi at SPARKcon to Funkuponya playing "The Garlic". I love this band and I'm grateful to them for letting me fire dance with them and to Meghan who asked me. I love her! Here is a link to Funkuponya's website.

SPARKcon 2010 will be September 16-19, 2010 in Raleigh, NC.

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